Slipstream HR Services – offers a wide range of HR services from which customers can select the ones that most suit their business needs:
Organisational design
Manage redundancies with sensitivity
Provide a wide range of recruitment solutions
Provide practical easy to use tools for handling people issues
Disciplinary procedures
Grievance procedures
Consultation and mediation
Development & Training
Contracts of employment
Reward and Benefit structures
Job descriptions
Job Evaluation Processes
Medicals – when they are necessary
Induction & welcome packs
Managing the probationary period of a contract
Health & Safety Policy
HR Policies and Procedures
Internal Communication channels which may include elected employee forums to comply with the Information and Consultation Regulations.
Absence management
Working Time Directive monitoring
Performance management
Monitoring turnover
Exit interviews
Slipstream HR Services - Help line
HR Audits

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To find out more about the services offered by Slipstream and how these are used and will assist your business, please click the appropriate link for:

Employee Relations

Organisational Design

Recruitment and Selection

Performance Management Development and Training

To read about and get a full understanding of the depth of our experience and how we have applied our knowledge to these services and how other Companies have benefitted, please go to the Case Studies’ pages. On each of these pages we hope to show you that these services have been carried out efficiently, with sensitivity and skill, and to the complete satisfaction of the appropriate manager responsible in each company; they were sufficiently impressed to spend some of their valuable time to put it into words.

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Slipstream HR Services is a full service HR consultancy offering an extensive range of HR services to small and medium sized businesses in Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire and Oxfordshire. Founded in 2008 Slipstream specialises in organisational design, employee relations, performance management, development and training and recruitment and selection. Slipstream HR Services’ clients are asking for help with; basic HR policies and procedures, keeping HR policies and employment contracts up to date, managing recruitment of the right people and providing HR support as and when it is needed. Slipstream HR Services is based in Tring, Hertfordshire.