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Recruitment and Selection

Getting the right people for the job is essential for any business.  It is also an opportunity for you to advertise the benefits of working in your Company. At Slipstream HR Services we pride ourselves on being able to provide recruitment and selection advice with support that is appropriate, practical and cost effective and always suitable for the role or roles being recruited into.

We believe strongly that all candidates must be treated as potential customers throughout the selection process. In other words communication must be clear, consistent and appropriate at all stages of the process.

Slipstream HR Services can cover all recruitment needs from the provision of job descriptions, advertisements both internal and external, application forms creation and interview questions that enable the interviewers to accurately measure the candidate’s skills and suitability for the role against the company’s indentified skills and competencies for that position.

We always advise our customers to have their own competency frame work that clearly identifies the core skills and behaviours necessary for all the positions within the Company; Slipstream HR Services can assist you with the development of this framework. When completed, this skills and competencies ‘map’ can be used to support a number of activities within the business.

Recruitment & Selection

Performance Development Reviews
Recruitment for new skills
Succession Planning

We can assist with one off vacancies or large recruitment campaigns.

We can design assessment centres and provide advice on the appropriate psychometric and aptitude tests available; also, we can assist specifically with the selection for a particular role.

We have the ability to advise on appropriate reward and benefit packages having benchmarked the role against similar ones within the industry or market place.

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Recruitment and Selection

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Development and Training
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Slipstream HR Services is a full service HR consultancy offering an extensive range of HR services to small and medium sized businesses in Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire and Oxfordshire. Founded in 2008 Slipstream specialises in organisational design, employee relations, performance management, development and training and recruitment and selection. Slipstream HR Services’ clients are asking for help with; basic HR policies and procedures, keeping HR policies and employment contracts up to date, managing recruitment of the right people and providing HR support as and when it is needed. Slipstream HR Services is based in Tring, Hertfordshire.