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Employee Relations

Slipstream HR Services can provide your business with a wide range of HR applications that are essential to ensure your Company is compliant with Employment Law. The same applications are individually designed to reflect your key operational and business needs and to make sure they are a perfect fit with your Company’s culture. Your people also benefit as these applications will help them to really understand their responsibilities and your business. In addition new people joining your Company will be able to make a real contribution to your business at an early stage:

Contracts of employment
Reward and Benefit packages
Job descriptions
Job Evaluation
Medicals – when they are necessary
Induction welcome pack
Managing the probationary period of a contract
HR Policies and Procedures
Health & Safety Policy
Internal Communication channels which may include elected employee forums to comply with Information and Consultation Regulations.
Absence management
Working Time Directive
Performance management
Monitoring turnover
Exit interviews
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We can assist by putting simple clear processes and procedures in place for any of the above to ensure you are compliant with Employment Law and provide your management team with a consistent approach when managing your people.

We can bring your trusted administrator up to speed on managing employee contractual necessities.

Thereby freeing up your time to allow you to run the company and focus on customers.

We can be your HR Manager as and when required for as long or as little time as it takes. You won’t need to employ one and thereby will not need to incur the overhead and headcount to match.

We can design half day workshops for your Supervisors or Managers to take them through the policies and procedures to ensure they understand their legal responsibilities when leading your teams. We can also offer training and development workshops for the skills and techniques required for handling difficult employee relations issues.

We can support and advise you or members of your team on a one to one basis when dealing with a disciplinary or grievance issue all the way through to tribunal if necessary.

We can support you by helping to develop a Communication and Consultation employee forum with elected representatives, to ensure you are compliant with Information and Consultation Legislation.

We can assist with union recognition, negotiation or consultation as and when required by your business possibly starting off with a review of any existing partnership or contractual union arrangements.

Slipstream HR Services can and will be your Human Resources team, call us today for a free chat, you will not regret it!

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Slipstream HR Services is a full service HR consultancy offering an extensive range of HR services to small and medium sized businesses in Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire and Oxfordshire. Founded in 2008 Slipstream specialises in organisational design, employee relations, performance management, development and training and recruitment and selection. Slipstream HR Services’ clients are asking for help with; basic HR policies and procedures, keeping HR policies and employment contracts up to date, managing recruitment of the right people and providing HR support as and when it is needed. Slipstream HR Services is based in Tring, Hertfordshire.