Case Study 4
Performance Management, Development and Training

The Company had undergone significant change and the new MD instigated an employee survey to assess the impact on them. The results identified a lack of accountability, poor communication and a lack of reward and recognition in certain areas of the business. Slipstream HR Services, and the management team developed a new set of values for the business and went on to produce a competency based framework for selection, performance development reviews and a range of training & development programmes for various levels and positions within the Company, which included a clear process for succession planning.

This significant change programme was sponsored and led by the main Board and with support by Slipstream HR Services the company saw the introduction of 360° appraisals; performance related pay and annual bonus arrangements, designed to measure and reward based on individual performances and the performance and profitability of the Company. Focus Groups were used throughout the business to generate new ideas of how to open up communication channels. The same groups also reported back on the progress of the findings of the employee survey. The focus group approach ultimately helped to change the culture of the Company, by involving employees in major decision making processes. The change in management style from a “command and control” approach to a far more open inclusive management style achieved a much higher level of motivation within the teams and not surprisingly helped to improve profits.

Inextricably linked to all the ongoing work Slipstream HR Services also introduced an employee recognition programme which all employees could participate in with successes recognised regularly and awards given annually.

“The HR advice and support given was instrumental in creating a culture change that was positively needed for the business” Director of Safety

Organisational Design

Employee Relations

Recruitment and Selection
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