Case Study 3
Recruitment and Selection

Slipstream HR Services has designed Selection Assessment Centres, managed large, time critical Recruitment Campaigns and developed many appropriate selection processes for the recruitment of a wide range of professions and skills. At one Company Slipstream HR Services introduced a competency based selection process that covered around 10 different professions and levels of skills required by that business. As part of this process, management and supervisors were trained on how to use the competency based framework and given techniques and skills to confidently complete all the interviews. Within the workshops it was necessary that everyone also understood their legal responsibility when undertaking a recruitment and selection process.

Slipstream HR Services recommended the appropriate Psychometric and Aptitude tests as well as designing application forms and managing the entire selection process starting with the initial advertisement right through to the issuing of employment contracts.

One Company experienced difficulty in recruiting into a number of IT positions and several other roles. Slipstream HR Services organised an Open Day that proved not only successful in gaining the required number of people for the available roles but also in raising the profile of the organisation within the local community. This resulted in the company gaining a good employer reputation and therefore a higher number of applicants for any positions that became available after the campaign.

On two separate occasions Slipstream HR Services successfully managed the recruitment for around 400 positions at various levels, all of which were recruited for roles based in both the UK and Germany.

Slipstream specialises in the selection and recruitment of Pilots and Cabin Crew and has recently successfully selected 500 Pilots and over a 1000 Cabin Crew for a leading UK airline using its own method of assessment.

“Their people have the ability to cut through treacle and get the job done” MD.

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