Case Study 2
Employee Relations

Slipstream HR Services, performed the role of Head of HR for a medium sized company where the majority of employees were unionised; a number of core employment law and good practice policies and processes had to be reviewed and updated these were:

Company induction
Company Policies
Contracts of employment
The handling of disciplinary and grievance meetings
Absence management

All of these were successfully reviewed and updated and introduced via workshops to both management and their teams; for ongoing support on-line tools were made accessible to everyone in the organisation.

The project took into account Slipstreams 3 Golden rules:

Must be accessible and understood by everyone in the Business
Must meet the needs of the Business
Must be Accurate

On a separate occasion one of the challenges facing the Company was the outdated Terms and Conditions for some employees in certain areas. Through a partnership approach with the relevant union officials and management teams we achieved a new agreement for new terms and conditions and changes to traditional working practices. The outcome gave the Company a significant saving to their cost base and brought up to date working practices.

“They gave unflinching support to me with difficult union negotiations, keeping me legal and still talking in order to gain an agreement”  MD.

Organisational Design

Recruitment and Selection

Performance Management,
Development and Training
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