Case Study 1
Organisational Design

This Company employed circa 3000 staff within the Travel Industry, their market is very competitive which means low margins to keep market share and stay competitive; it became a business necessity to reduce the operating costs of the business without affecting the front line customer facing areas. Their target was to reduce support areas in the business by 25% (50 employees). Together with the MD and the functional Directors, Slipstream HR Services reviewed the support function policies and structures. Achievement of the business objective relied on new organisational design for the support functions which included a TUPE transfer of a particular service, redundancy in some areas and new positions being created in others.

Elements provided by Slipstream HR Services were:

Development and design of the new organisation
A strategy for the transition from old to new
Facilitation of the TUPE transfer
Management of the redundancy process, this included alternatives being offered to avoid compulsory redundancies.
Recruitment and selection  for the new positions
Developing and carrying out a programme of communication for all the employees.

The project was completed successfully within budget and the agreed timescales.

“They provided 100% contribution to successfully solving many challenges with a sense of equilibrium and understanding for colleagues and the business” - Finance Director.

Employee Relations

Recruitment and Selection

Performance Management,
Development and Training
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